Historical Reproductions

My historical line came into existence over twenty years ago as I discovered and became involved with Living History reenactors.  Fellow reenactors observed the period pottery I produced for myself and began asking me to supply them with pieces.  Thus my profession combined with my new hobby.

Most pottery used by the early European colonial immigrants was produced in Europe and Asia.  Gradually potteries sprang up in larger cities along the eastern coast.  Most were short lived, but as one closed another would start.  Early potteries produced only earthenware, a lower fired type of pottery.  Eventually stoneware potteries were started as higher firing kilns were introduced.  Stoneware is a sturdier clay body and does NOT need to be glazed with lead glazes, as earthenware did. 

All of my period pieces are high fired stoneware.  Durable and sturdy.  I hope you enjoy the selection.

I am always on the look out for other period pieces, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.