About Us

Steve Sprinkle has been making and selling high fire stoneware since the mid 70's. This long time Texas potter started his career after attending Texas Tech University in the late sixties.  Opening his first studio in Austin, Steve sold his early work through galleries and juried shows.  Now located in Dallas, he creates a line of contemporary stoneware as well as a line of historically accurate pottery for Living History reenactors.  Traveling to Historical Reenactments across the US he sells his wares to reenactors of various time periods.

 Steve has had an online presence for over ten years.  In addition to this website he sells on etsy.com where his store carries a five star rating.

Like most long time potters Steve has worked with a wide variety of clays, glazes and firing techniques.  However, for the everyday use and enjoyment of his customers, he always returns to making functional wares.