Baking / Serving Dish

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This is a stoneware dish.  It can be used as a baking dish or as a serving dish.

10 x 3 inches.   Stoneware is very durable, but can not be used like a Pyrex baking dish.  For baking, place your dish in a cool or warm oven and then set then temperature to the desired degree.

  I have pie plates and baking dishes I have used for well over twenty years.  The basic stoneware rule for a long life of service is, no thermal shock.  Slow to heat and slow to cool.    When I first started making stoneware baking dishes, 45 years ago, most people knew how to use it properly.   That may not be true today, but baking with stoneware is functional, easy and aesthetically pleasing.   Thank you. 

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