Cobalt Blue Tankard

$ 45.00

Sold Out

This particular tankard is from a set of 15 cobalt blue tankards I made for a Beer Festival.   It's the only one of the 15, in this glaze, I have left.  Probably because it was used for display and not on the sales shelves. This tankards holds at least 26 oz.  That's plenty of beer, or iced tea, or lemonade, or whatever.  

All my work is high fire stoneware which is very durable and of course dishwasher and food safe. 

I do make custom tankards for small Craft Breweries. large or small family reunions, as well as other groups and occasions.  These have to be ordered well in advance of the needed date.    If you have questions, please contact me.   Thank you for taking the time to look.

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