Oil Lamp Merlon Shaped

$ 25.00

Offered is this attractive oil lamp with a melon shape.  The delicate translucent glaze would be hard to duplicate, if not impossible.  What potters call, "a happy accident." It's a unique oil lamp.  

No candles to store, or dripping wax to clean up, but still the soft glow of a flame.   I recommend pure paraffin lamp oil and suggest that the wick be kept short for a clean burning, no smoking, light source. For your safety, stay alert when using open flames in your home or camp and never leave open flames unattended for extended periods of time. Basically, as an adult, use common sense.

When I'm in an outdoor camp environment I put my oil lamps in a candle lantern for safety and to protect them from the wind. 

This is a one of a kind oil lamp measure approximately 5 x 3 in. and come to you with a cork and wick as you see in the picture. Thank you. 

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